Improve Adsl Broadband, Adsl Broadband Speed, Adsl Wiring Faults

ADSL Broadband Speed & Broadband Connection Faults

Whether your ADSL Broadband speed is slow, intermittent, or not working at all, there are very few things more frustrating than a bad ADSL connection! Hopefully we can get your wayward ADSL Broadband Line back on track.

If your fixed-line broadband connection has gone down completely, or is intermittent, chances are you will need to contact your internet service provider (ISP) immediately. However, if your telephone landline is also down and you still have it supplied separately by BT and not your ISP, its worth contacting them first.

Before you call them though, it's worth checking a couple of things. Firstly, is your hardware connected via the telephone master socket? Problems with internal wiring (or telephone extension cables) are a common reason for broadband internet and telephone faults, so be sure to test this first: if you only have one telephone socket in the house, that's the master. If you have more than one, the master will be the one with a company logo on it (BT, Virgin Media, NTL etc). If you have more than one, and are not connecting your internet connection directly through the master, do so now to test it - it may seem like a hassle, but it's important to check - for example, if you call out an engineer for free who then finds out it is a problem with internal wiring and not the ISP, you may be liable to an expensive call out fee.

Secondly, if your phone line is working but your internet isn't, you may have a fault with your microfilter (pictured below and also known as a splitter). If you have a spare, try to replace the one you're using and see if that solves the problem. Also, it's worth fitting a microfilter to any phone extensions that are used (whether for burglar alarms, Sky boxes etc) as these can cause problems to your ADSL.

If your broadband comes through a BT telephone line (so is ADSL or ADSL2+) you can check what maximum speed your line should be capable of here. Cable customers should normally get close to the 'up to' speed advertised for your Virgin Media package. It is important that you see this speed as a maximum and not the speed you should expect to get on a regular basis. This is because a number of factors can affect your broadband speed.

Benefits of Running A Broadband Speed Test   Click here for info!

Broadband speeds are always increasing as new technology comes into play and wider coverage of high speed networks gives better access for more of the population. However, it is universally acknowledged within the industry that there will be a discrepancy between the advertised download speed that your service will offer and the actual speed that you will be able to achieve on a day to day basis. This is because providers tend to advertise the maximum download speed that is achievable in theory, conveniently neglecting to mention anywhere other than in the small print that most customers will never attain these dizzying connections. If you think that your broadband is performing less than perfectly, or if you want to choose a new provider based on download speed, then running a broadband speed test will benefit you.

A broadband speed test is an online mini-examination to stretch your internet connection and find out what it is really capable of. You will need to find a suitable broadband speed test website, preferably located in the same region or nation as you and this can be achieved with a quick web search. Once you have chosen a site, you will usually be able to initiate the test from the main page. You only need to set aside five minutes for the speed test, as it should be over quickly.

The test begins by first transferring a small file to your computer from remotely located servers operated by the speed test site. A gauge, graph or animated onscreen icon should let you know how quick your connection is working as the file is transferred, so you can get a rough idea of the average speed and also identify any erratic behaviour or spikes in performance. The upload speed of your connection will be tested once the initial process has completed by reversing the sequence and sending some data from your PC to the speed test servers.

Before the speed test begins, pause or cancel any downloads and make sure that your connection is not being used by anyone else in the house. Other programs and users can give you inaccurate results and defeat the point of the speed test. With the results of a speed test to hand, you will be able to confront your existing provider if you feel that you are not receiving an adequate connection speed, or you can help to identify a problem that you may be experiencing. Line speeds are impacted during peak evening periods, so it is worth running multiple speed tests at different times to get a better idea of how your connection is performing.

Deciding to switch broadband provider is fairly common and though download speed can be a factor, many people change because they want to take advantage of new offers or mobile broadband deals. If you want to leave your current provider, you will need to have served out the minimum contract, but if you have already done so, the process can be completed in a couple of weeks. A MAC code will be provided by your existing provider and you will need to pass it on to your new firm in order to initiate the exchange.

ADSL Broadband Wiring Faults, ADSL Connections & ADSL Disconnects

If theres a fault with your adsl connection you must find out if the fault is internal or if the fault is with your service providers line. If it is your service provider then it is their responsibility to fix. If the Fault is an internal one then you are responsible for your own internal wiring.

Internal wiring is the most common cause of ADSL connection problems.

  • Old specification internal & external wiring
  • Wiring that runs under carpets or flooring
  • Wiring through old door frames or window
  • Old unused extensions & D.I.Y extensions
  • D.I.Y shop telephone cables & extensions
  • Sockets with the Old type screw terminals
  • Old type extensions adapters & splitters
  • Incorrectly wired telephone ADSL circuit
  • Too many extensions installed on circuit

home hub

You will not know if your wiring correct or not but this will effect Telephone & Broadband service.

  • Star wiring : sockets that are incorrectly wired off main line and not relevant master socket
  • Two way wiring : phone extension wiring and adsl wiring that run down the same wire
  • Bell wires : the third wire in sockets can pick up unwanted electrical interference

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General Telephone Faults, Telephone Loop Faults, Telephone Earth Faults

There are many faults you may have on your internal wiring circuit...

  • Loop faults are most common fault, mainley old spec cable or wet,damp,rusty cables & sockets
  • Earth faults are similar to loop faults but can be also caused by any connected equipment
  • Connected equipment include fax, sky boxes, answer machines, phone systems and gaming console

These above type of faults could be the reason why your telephone or broadband is not working correctly, they all depend on your telephone line wiring and connected equipment.

ADSL Enhancer The BT I - Plate Broadband Booster

"The budget ADSL broadband booster" - The Sunday Times

"We estimate that around nine million UK homes have the potential to benefit from installing this simple but effective device the I-plate" - BT

A spokesperson for BT Wholesale told the Daily Telegraph -
"We understand that the I-Plate can certainly play a part in delivering higher broadband speeds to people suffering poor broadband performance."

The Broadband Accelerator (iPlate) For ADSL Telephone Broadband

ADSL noise and interference are increased by a collection of factors, which ultimately reduces bit rate (speed) and can cause problems with line-stability. The more interference that occurs, the less stable the line. One possible factor behind this is the bell (or 'ring') wire. This wire was originally used in sockets to make old-style analogue telephones ring, which have mainly become obsolete with today's technology. Therefore, the wire's presence in the master socket serves only to cause interference on your connection. The major attributes of the iPlate are that it helps towards improving stability and increasing internet speed. There are various claims as to how effective the equipment is, but some users have experienced a speed increase of 4Mb!

A benchmark survey was performed on the iPlate on 36,000 filtered lines, showing more realistic speed increases of 1.5Mb on average. This indicates a good chance of line improvement in most cases. The results also showed performance benefits on lines where there was no real speed increase, as the survey showed the lines had 20% fewer lost connections (re-trains) and a 45% reduced error rate. Estimates show that 7 out of 10 UK-based homes will see improvement of some degree. This means that over 9 million broadband lines could benefit from this one piece of equipment! So purchasing could be a great idea for your home.

iPlate installation diagram

ADSL V1.0 Master Socket Filter Plate

This filtered faceplate provides a complete solution to all your ADSL filtering requirements.

Connections are provided via the front of the faceplate - where you have a filtered socket for a standard phone device (BT plug) and an unfiltered socket for an ADSL modem/router (RJ11).

In addition to the front of the faceplate, connections at the rear are also provided for hard-wiring both a filtered telephone extension and an unfiltered ADSL extension if you use an ADSL modem/router in another location or it is not practical to place the ADSL modem/router in your master socket.

To install this filter, you need a standard BT master socket, known as an NTE5. An NTE5 socket is the type which has a removable faceplate, where the bottom part of the faceplate can be unscrewed. Simply unscrew the bottom of the standard faceplate, then screw in this filtered faceplate.

Overall, it can help with connection speeds, stability and means that you no longer have to use any other ADSL filters around the home thus eliminating the risk of filters failing or becoming damaged as they hang out of the socket.

adsl filtered plate

The BT Nte5 Master Socket

BT NTE5a Master Socket with split front section for connection of extension sockets, network points. The NTE5 is fitted inside customer premises and provides a demarcation point between BT or other phone provider network and consumer wiring. It is Ideal to replace any damaged existing BT master sockets. This new NTE5 can be then used to fit a filtered faceplate - allowing you to elimate the need for filters around the house and provide a clean interference free ADSL signal and voice line.

BT Nte5 Master socket

ADSL Broadband Filters, ADSL Micro Filters, Telephone ADSL Filters

Micro-filters differentiate voice & ADSL frequencies on your telephone line. Without them background noise would be present when using the phone, for this reason a micro-filter is required for every telephone socket you use (maximum 4).

The Z-200UK is a small in-line filter designed to expediate the service delivery and improve the performance of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) services.
Broadband ADSL Micro FilterBroadband ADSL Micro Filter

Telephone Socket Installation & Phone Socket Installations

Installation of additional Telephone Extension, Telephone Sockets & Master Sockets for BT, Sky, Virgin, Tiscali, AOL or any other service providers lines. New Telephone Socket Installation, Telephone Socket faults and repairs on existing telephone sockets including telephone extension & master telephone socket moves, relocates, additions & alterations for business and residential customers.

Broadband Engineer - Telephone & ADSL Fault Finding & Repair

Your service provider will only maintain the phone wiring up to your master socket. After this it is your responsibilty to maintain the internal wiring and telephone extensions . Our Engineer will diagnose any faults on your line and if it's on your own internal wiring, we can repair or replace it. If its on the external network, we will contact your service provider to arrange for them to make a repair.

ADSL Broadband Faults & ADSL Broadband Speed Enhancement

If you're experiencing problems with your broadband dropping out, flashing Lights on your router, No internet connection or slow Internet connection speeds, then your internal wiring may be at fault. We can diagnose these faults and make a enhancements to increase your Broadband speed & performance.

Powerline Networking Adapters - Powerline Networking

Easily extend your network in your house or office with our selection of powerline networking kits. Our high-speed Powerline Networking Adapters can be installed on to your electrical wirings, to extend and transform your electrical outlet into an Ethernet or wireless network connection. Forget weak wireless signal problems, and say goodbye holes in walls and ceilings for Ethernet cables. Our powerline units provide a simple way to add broadband and network points into any room or floor in the home or office.

Home Networking Installation & Cat5 Cat6 Cabling

With the expansion of High Speed fibre optic broadband in homes and offices, you may need to share your Broadband Internet access with different computers. We can install small networks that will link your computers through Cat5e or Cat6 cabling to your main router or switch, allowing simultaneous use of your Broadband Internet or Wireless connection any where in the Home or Office.

Independent Broadband Engineer Call Out Prices

  • NEW CAT5E Cable & Ethernet RJ45 Socket Installation From (Router) - (1) £80 (2) £150 (3) £210
  • NEW Telephone Cable & Extension Socket Installation From (Master) - (1) £70 (2) £130 (3) £180
  • NEW Telephone Broadband Cable & ADSL V1.0 Filtered Face Plate Socket Installation - £100
  • Reconfigure Telephone wiring to Enhance & Maximise Broadband speed (ADSL) circuit - £80
  • Telephone Engineer Call-Out Charges including 1st hrs labour from £50 (depending on your Zone)
  • Fault Find Diagnose & Repair Internal or External wiring fault (customers wiring) - Call Out + Parts
  • Fault Find Diagnose & Report Internal or External wiring fault (providers M.Line) - Call Out + Parts
  • New Telephone / Broadband ADSL V1.0 Filtered plate installed on master socket - Call Out + Parts
  • New Telephone / Broadband ADSL XTF Filtered plate installed extension socket - Call Out + Parts
  • New Telephone / Broadband ADSL XF - 1e Professional microfilter installed - Call Out + Parts


BT Openreach Standard call out charge is £130 + VAT + Parts + Additional Labour. If the fault is at the Master Socket or on the line prior to your property then the charge is waived. However you are responsible for the internal wiring after the Master Socket. So If the fault is found on your own internal extensions or internal wiring or even your connected equipment then BT will apply charges.

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