Independent Telephone Engineer Rickmansworth Hertfordshire

Ex BT Telephone & Telecoms Engineer Rickmansworth

Independent ex BT, Virgin Media Telephone Engineers providing - Telephone Extensions, Telephone Sockets, Ethernet Home Network solutions, Enhancing & Maximising ADSL Wiring circuits. The Service, Repair & Diagnosis of all Telephone & Broadband wiring and line Faults in Rickmansworth Hertfordshire.

Our purpose is to serve customers in the best way we can by providing a reliable efficient service in a much more flexible timescale than the major national telephone companies. We do this by being responsive to our customers needs, which ultimately saves you time and money.

We can normally accommodate your requests within a few days unlike some companies who take weeks to make an appointment. Our prices are also very competitive, for instance you will pay half the price of what BT, Virgin Media would charge you for an Engineer doing the same task.

Some of Our Telecoms Services in Rickmansworth include...


Telephone Socket Installation
Adiitional Telephone Points
Relocations & Fault Finding
Internal & External Rewires
Cat5e Cabling & Network Cabling
Broadband Speed Issues rectified
Internal Wiring faults resolved
Wireless Network Installation
Telephone Extension Installation
Sky receiver Telephone Points
Broadband & Network Installation
Additional Wireless Access points
Powerline Plugs WLAN & LAN Adapters
Extended Wireless Network Coverage
Telephone & Broadband Faults & Repairs


Independent Telephone Engineer provides affordable Telephone Line & Broadband Repairs Faster and Cheaper than BT for the Home and Small Business user in Rickmansworth and its surrounding areas.

If your Telephone service is supplied by BT, Sky, 02, Plusnet, Talk Talk, Tiscali, Orange, AOL or any other service provider we can certainly Help. Has your provider checked your line ? and told you your internal wiring or connected equipment is at fault and that a large call out charge fee for an engineer is required ? If yes then call us today for speedy Telephone Line & Broadband Repairs.

Independent Telephone Engineer Rickmansworth - 0845 459 7630

Telephone Engineer - Fault Finding & Repair

Your service provider will only maintain the phone wiring up to your master socket. After this it is your responsibilty to maintain the internal wiring and telephone extensions . Our Engineer will diagnose any faults on your line and if it's on your own internal wiring, we can repair or replace it. If its on the external network, we will contact your service provider to arrange for them to make a repair.

Broadband Faults & Speed Enhancement

If you're experiencing problems with your broadband dropping out, flashing Lights on your router, No internet connection or slow Internet connection speeds, then your internal wiring may be at fault. We can diagnose these faults and make a enhancements to increase your Broadband speed & performance.

Home Networking & Cat5 Cat6 Cabling

With the expansion of High Speed Broadband in homes and offices, you may need to share your Broadband Internet access with different computers. We can install small networks that will link your computers through Cat5e cabling to your main router, allowing simultaneous use of your Broadband Internet or Wireless connection any where in the Home or Office.

Independent Telephone Engineer Prices

  • NEW CAT5E Cable & Ethernet RJ45 Socket Installation From (Router) - (1) £80 (2) £150 (3) £210
  • NEW Telephone Cable & Extension Socket Installation From (Master) - (1) £70 (2) £130 (3) £180
  • NEW Telephone Broadband Cable & ADSL V1.0 Filtered Face Plate Socket Installation - £100
  • Reconfigure Telephone wiring to Enhance & Maximise Broadband speed (ADSL) circuit - £80
  • Standard Independent Telephone Engineer Call-Out Charge including first hours Labour - £60
  • Fault Find Diagnose & Repair Internal or External wiring fault (customers wiring) - Call Out + Parts
  • Fault Find Diagnose & Report Internal or External wiring fault (providers M.Line) - Call Out + Parts
  • New Telephone / Broadband ADSL V1.0 Filtered plate installed on master socket - Call Out + Parts
  • New Telephone / Broadband ADSL XTF Filtered plate installed extension socket - Call Out + Parts
  • New Telephone / Broadband ADSL XF - 1e Professional microfilter installed - Call Out + Parts


BT Openreach Standard call out charge is £130 + VAT + Parts + Additional Labour. If the fault is at the Master Socket or on the line prior to your property then the charge is waived. However you are responsible for the internal wiring after the Master Socket. So If the fault is found on your own internal extensions or internal wiring or even your connected equipment then BT will apply the above charges.

To BOOK your Telephone Engineer Please Call 0845 459 7630

Telephone Engineer - Telephone Sockets, Cat5e Cabling, Internal wiring & Broadband faults - Telephone Engineer in Rickmansworth